What to Expect

This will likely be one of the toughest endurance challenges you have ever taken on.

To enter you will need to be Physically and men­tally fit. It is likely that you will be doing a com­bin­a­tion of run­ning and walk­ing in order to get to the fin­ish line, which is the most import­ant thing. You will be doing the equi­val­ent of 6 reg­u­lar mara­thons and you will be car­ry­ing a back­pack with everything you need for that day. You will receive water at check­points. You do not have to carry all your equip­ment and gear with you on this race, only what you will need for that day (gels, bars, mini first aid kit, head torch etc.)

You should not under­es­tim­ate the men­tal stress that the WRU will put you under. When the going gets tough, really tough, it will be your mind will­ing you to put one foot in front of the oth­er that will get you to the end.


Long before the start of the race you will need to decide upon the right footwear. 

The heat and fric­tion will not only put your shoes under extreme stress, but it will also cause your feet to swell. In order to remain com­fort­able it is highly recom­men­ded to go for at least one size up from your nor­mal. Of course as you would before any run, you must ensure they are worn in. The same can be said for the rest of your gear and ruck­sack - it must be com­fort­able.


Jordan is a hot country. 

Midday tem­per­at­ures in this region can get up to 30 degrees Celsius although it’s more likely to be around 25 dur­ing the hot­test parts of the day. The best way to keep out the sun is to wear a hat, usu­ally with a neck flap. You will be running/walking over uneven rocky ground, with up to 40% of the dis­tance in sand.

Food and Drink

One of the key areas of the WRU is preparing and calculating your nutrition. 

You want to be car­ry­ing just enough for you to be fully fuelled but also so that you are not car­ry­ing extra weight. We recom­mend https://tentmeals.co.uk for your nutri­tion. Competitors will receive 15% off their order. There are no food stores on way to top up, so care­ful thought must be giv­en pri­or to trav­el­ling to the start.

Your food should be con­cen­trated and eas­ily made up. It is cer­tainly use­ful to con­tact run­ners who have done some­thing sim­il­ar as they will have accur­ate expert­ise in this area. One tip is that you take some snacks for you to sub­sti­tute in for the exped­i­tion type food as it inev­it­ably becomes bor­ing.

Water rations will be dis­trib­uted at the check­points which are sta­tioned every 10km.

Will I get lost?

The chances of you getting lost are very slim. 

The route is lined with numer­ous mark­ers and cru­cial points are usu­ally manned by course mar­shals. Navigation will not be an area that you worry about.

Course markings

The course route will be marked out very well at roughly 40m intervals depending on terrain. 

Areas where com­pet­it­ors are likely to be run­ning in dark­ness, will be illu­min­ated and are likely to have course mar­shals more fre­quently.

If you are in a situ­ation where you are really stuck then you can always wait for oth­er com­pet­it­ors and work it out togeth­er. However, the best way to avoid any mis­haps is to listen to the course dir­ec­tions giv­en out each morn­ing.

Small creatures

There are snakes in Jordan but competitors rarely get to see them. 

This is because the vibra­tions from the many foot­steps scare them away long before you ever reach them. While there are insects they are mostly harm­less and mos­qui­toes are also rare.

How To Enter